Christian wedding services are offered in the Anglican tradition.  Please click here for more information on holding your wedding at St James.

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Baptisms usually take place at the Sunday 9am service.  This is an occasion when new members are welcomed into the family of the Church.  Therefore, it is appropriate that other members of the Church family are present.

Baptism in the Anglican Church makes use of the three symbols, the cross, water and light. The Cross of Christ is made on the person’s forehead to ‘mark’ him or her as a member of the Christian Church. The application of water symbolises the washing out of sin – and beginning a new life in the Christian family worldwide. The giving of a lighted candle symbolises the passing from darkness into God’s light as a new member of the Christian Church.

Funerals and memorial services

St James is available for funerals. These are usually organised by the funeral directors. Memorial services can also be held at St James.

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