Samuel Marsden first preached the gospel in Aotearoa on Christmas Day 1814 at Oihi Bay – an event made possible by the hospitality of his friend Ruatara. Every year, on the Monday after Christmas, St James holds an outdoor Christmas service at the Marsden Cross, Rangihoua Heritage Park, Oihi Bay. The first Church Missionary Society missionaries settled there at Rangihoua, but after a difficult few years, they came to settle at Kerikeri in 1819, under the protection of Hongi Hika and the people of Kororipo Pā.

The present building is the third church built here and was opened in 1878.  An extension was added in 1963.  The church is dedicated to St James the Great of Compostela, whose symbol is the scallop shell, and who is associated with the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain.

There are many stories and local history to discover about Kerikeri and St James.  St James is part of the historical precinct of Kerikeri, at the upper end of the Kerikeri Inlet, and close to the Stone Store, Kororipo Pā, Rewa’s Village, and Kemp House. The church is kept open during the day – you’re welcome to come and have a look!

A booklet entitled “Chapel to Church” is available in the Church porch for a small cost and delves into the history of St James.



A team of people meet regularly through the week to split firewood to sell and to raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation. This is supported enthusiastically by the general public of Kerikeri. To learn more about the Foundation and how the Kerikeri woodchoppers are helping:  www.hollows.org.nz/longform/kerikeri-woodchoppers


The congregation at St James collect used postage stamps to raise funds for Anglican Missions.  These can be left in the church at any time in the box provided.


St James Church has, for many years, sponsored Pakaraka School in this programme.  Pakaraka is an amazing small rural school 25 kms from Kerikeri at the junction of SH10 and SH1.

It is always such a pleasure to attend the “Role Model Assembly” and we often help to hand out books to the very enthusiastic children. www.booksinhomes.org.nz  


Donations can be made directly in the St James bank account 06-0350-0007843-29.

If you would like to help St James continue to thrive for future generations you may wish to consider making a bequest.  Making a bequest is a good way of giving, especially if at present you feel that you are not able to give as much as you would like to.  It can be stated to be for a specific purpose such as upkeep of buildings or for ministry, or just for general purposes.  General purposes are best as it allows the current need at the time to be addressed.  At present, it is the ministry that needs your help.

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Postal address: P.O. Box 97, Kerikeri 0245

Phone: 09 407 1486

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