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Welcome to St James Anglican Church

St James is now a Mission District.  The Rev'd Dr Kirsten Griffiths is our priest-in-charge and St James is moving into an exciting new phase of development.

To proclaim the love of God and so nurture love and care for all people


These same LSM principles apply:

  1. That the congregation is a ministering community, not a community gathered around a minister.
  2. That every member is a minister.
  3. That all the baptised have gifts and are encouraged to release them for the good of the church.
  4. An opportunity for everyone to become involved and perform loving service


The non-stipendiary team consists of:


  • Priests

Responsibilities are:

To gather the faith community for worship. Preside at the Eucharist. Celebrate marriages and

offer rites of reconciliation and to be available to encourage people on their faith Journey.

  • Vocational Deacon

Responsibilities are:

To be the 'gateway' between church, the community and wider world. Identifying the needs

of the community, and to reach out to the community. Encourage the faith community

in Christian service ourside the church.

  • Pastoral Co-Ordinator

Responsibilities are:

To encourage and support members of the pastoral care team in the care of the bereaved

and sick. To welcome newcomers.

  • Educator

Responsibilities are:

Prepartion of families for baptism, confirmation and weddings. Ministry to young children.

youth, adult study and fellowship. Resource provider.

  • Liturgy Co-ordinator

Responsibilities are:

Build, maintain and train a worship team. Assist with worship planning and rosters.

Critque worship.

  • Administrator

Responsibilities are:

Unit co-ordinator and contact person for the Local Shared Ministry Unit. Link

between community, LSM team, Church Council Bay of Islands Vestry,

and Diocese.

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St James is a registered FAIR TRADE Church

We are part of the Auckland Diocese and the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia